Even today, when SMS marketing has become so popular, a number of myths are still there. If you are also considering to use text message marketing for your business, then we will recommend that you know all the popular advantages it has to offer and don’t let any misconceptions change your mind.

Here we are uncovering 8 crucial facts about SMS marketing to help you know about this marketing tool and make you understand why it is so popular.

  1. It is more popular than you think

SMS marketing was earlier considered a marketing channel for a younger client base, but that is not the case anymore. In fact, 81% of all mobile users take benefit of text messages. They have become a widely accepted way of staying in touch.

  1. SMS marketing is great for promoting your event

Use text message marketing to encourage attendees of event for early registration. Or, send out a coupon code for early bird registration to list of subscribers as a special discount. In short, SMS marketing is not just for promoting products. Advertisers rely on this strategy to bring in more audience to their event.

  1. You dont have to be a marketing pro for SMS marketing

Establishing a new SMS marketing campaign with SMS Gateway API is very simple. Managing that campaign is also very easy. Although, some of the marketing tools and strategies are tedious and troublesome, SMS marketing is very simple.

  1. Reputed brands use SMS

Reputed brands use SMS message marketing, but still it is not so popular amongst small business owners. It should not be like this. Due to its cost effectiveness and high ROI, even new organizations and businesses should be making use of this strategy.

  1. Almost 50% of customers in the U.S. make direct purchases after receiving SMS branded text with a coupon, code or some type of redemption for you customer

This is very surprising number, and a great SMS marketing fact. Half of the people, who you send a text message, end up buying your products or services. This fact implies that marketers who don’t include SMS marketing may be leaving money on the table. There are not many tools that are known to make half of your customers to take an action.

  1. Text message marketing is pocket friendly and gives you a nice ROI

Text message marketing is one of the most pocket friendly marketing methods present today, making it easy for even a startup to use. Not only  is it pocket friendly, but you will also see an instant return on your investment.

  1. You can use text message marketing to get email address

SMS marketing assists you to reach out to people who show interest in your services or products. But, it can also assist in making your email list or enhance engagement on social media. Don’t limit your marketing to a simple channel. Create your network of communication by rewarding customers for sharing their contact details and connecting with your business.

  1. Quality is more important than quantity

When a person signs up for your BulkSMS marketing list, they want to get valuable offers in return. If you fail to reward subscribers with special offers, they are likely to opt out. No one wants spam messages in their inbox, so if you are sending offers that are not valuable or relevant, you might not see any success in your marketing efforts.