TinyOwl is an awesome mobile friendly app that has made the food ordering quite simple and easy for the users. Time and work pressure had left people too bust that most of them cannot find out time to have a good quality food outside home or visit a nearby restaurant. TinyOwl food delivery app had emerged out to one of the most influential app for the food lovers, who cannot find time to go for food outings. TinyOwl app serves people in different cities across India and helps them to order just anything from their favorite restaurants near their locality. Once they order the food, it is delivered to their house in minimal time.

This online food app is designed greatly to help out any user in going through the menus of the restaurants and having a glance over them to order the best quality food they have ever had. Presently, TinyOwl app is serving 5 major cities of India namely- Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mumbai and has plans to expand in coming future. The app had gained too much of popularity in less than a year and had received more than 100000 downloads so far. More than 2000 orders are received daily in city of Mumbai through TinyOwl app. On-time delivery and the quality taste of food is what makes this app popular among the foodies.

What TinyOwl is a Special App?

TinyOwl food app had managed to gain a high popularity in no time after its official launch in the month of November in 2014. Harshvardhan Mandad is the owner of this app and more than 400 employees had been appointed so far to handle this app in 5 different cities. The best thing about this app is that it will try to track your exact location once you are logged in and will find the best restaurants near your vicinity so that the time of delivery does not becomes an issue. You will get the menus of all those restaurants to have an eye at. Once you have decided what to order, you just need to select the food and order it. You are allowed to select different food from different restaurants and can even pay separately for each item purchased.

The payment modes for this app are simple. You can pay through your credit card or debit card or even through internet banking. Some outlets allow you to pay through COD (Cash on Delivery) option too. You can now enjoy paying money through PayTM wallet. The app will save your orders and addresses for the future reference. The customer support is another great attribute of this app. TinyOwl food ordering app takes care that your order is confirmed, placed and delivered to your address timely. It will help you from placing of order till the delivery of your order.

Why is TinyOwl App more convenient?

If you are ordering food through a restaurant, it becomes really hard to hold the line and look across the menu. Moreover, you are not left with choices of restaurants while ordering food. But, if you have installed TinyOwl app on your Android smart phone, you will get the list of restaurants near your locality with their menus. Now, before ordering food, you can go through the menu of each and every restaurant, compare prices, and then order the food.

Final Say

TinyOwl is a marvelous app for the food lovers. Every foodie living in above mentioned cities should have this app installed on their smart phone so that he/she can order food anytime from anywhere using TinyOwl online food app.