32 Best and Amazing Mobile App Blogs To Follow

Keeping pace with the trends and movements in the mobile world is easy, thanks to amazing blogs that are available for mobile application development. Ranked in terms of their ease of use and applicability, these mobile app blogs are a true delight for developers, software professionals and app makers. Read on to know all about the best mobile app blogs to follow.

1. The Verge: Great Tech Blog

This is a great blog for technologies yet their mobile section aces it all. whether you consider the reviews, features, discussions, and businesses. There is also a quality team of live bloggers for events like iPhone launches and other tech world events. So you can keep in touch with the latest developments in the mobile app world.

2. Engadget: All Rounder

This blog is an all rounder when it comes to technology. From demonstrations and previews to reviews of apps and different types of gear, you can easily contextualise apps using Engadget.

3. LifeHacker: App World

LifeHacker ensures that life becomes easier for tech lovers. As far as mobile applications are concerned, LifeHacker tests everything first hand and provides a comprehensive review of the same. You can get a deeper understanding of how to utilise apps in a way that promotes efficiency and productivity in everyday settings.

4. Wired: Focusing on Visual Aspects of Technology

If you are interested in design and visual aspects of technology, Wired is the right blog for you. You get to go behind the scenes of favourite apps and companies linked to them. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of mobile applications, this is the perfect blog to visit.

5. Know Your Mobile: In Depth Information

This blog encompasses everything you need to know about mobile. Devices like tablets, phone applications and connected. You can also access different phones and tablets being sold online at this site.

6. Mashable: Blog for All Things Tech

If you want a little bit of everything, Mashable is the right choice for you. From breaking news to tech reviews, application line ups and distinctive general features, Mashable offers a variety of experiences for the tech savvy user.

7. Flurry: The Numbers Game

If statistics is your cup of tea, Flurry should be the perfect choice. Whenever studies about mobile application statistics are released, you can access Flurry to get the low down. Their summaries are also exceptionally well worded and extremely sound.

8. GigaOm: Informative Mobile Channel

This is an informative and comprehensive mobile channel with carriers, devices and applications revealed in their true complexity. You can get massive amounts of information about specifications and application features and design content here.

From mobile devices to carriers and apps, this mobile channel covers a vast cross section of tech innovations.

9. AppAdvice: Latest Data on Applications

All the latest applications for your phone are available on this blog site. You can get the most up to date information on phone, tablet, TV or gaming apps. List of top apps and review of applications as well as free apps you can access are also shared. If you want the latest information on apps, this is the right site for you.

10. All Tech Considered: High Level Techie News

All Tech Considered lives up to its name. You can catch the latest information about web applications and mobile culture online. A technology podcast is also there for users to get the lowdown on the latest news, views and trends.

11. Yapp: For Premier Communication Technology

Yapp lets users express their views about all things mobile, all of the time. From featuring popular and favourite applications to showcasing and reimagine the app world, this blog is unusual in many ways and unique in its single most disitinctive feature- lending a voice to techies and sharing features of new apps.

12. The Next Web: Global Tech Perspective

The Next Web is a large online publication. It is exclusively devoted to tech perspectives on IT, culture, business and mobile. TNW has a massive network of 51 million visits in a month and 7 million monthly page views. The best part about this global tech perspective is that people are able to express what they are feeling and unite in a tech synergy which leaves no room for lack of clarity.

13. TechCrunch Mobile: Profiling New Tech Products

Mobile focused subset of the generic TechCrunch site profiles tech products and companies within the mobile technology space. Not only do users promote emerging and existing web technologies, they also adopt new trends and leverage technology for better work productivity and efficiency.

14. Intomobile: Delivers Breaking Tech News

If you want the latest breaking news, information and analysis on mobile phones and technology, this tech site is the best option for you. The site is perfect for tech driven consumers and aficionados as well as professionals and early adopters. This mobile application blog site caters to a vast section of users from different sites that have searched long and hard for a one stop shop on mobile app tech information.

15. Mobile Marketing Watch: Close Tabs on Tech

This is a LA based communications company which employs staff of independent writers completing editorial freedom through reader interactiveness and editorial freedom over content. You can touch different areas of the mobile ecosystem from advertising to technology and healthcare.

16. Google Mobile Blog: Searching for Tech Answers Made Easy

This is the official news and notes section from the mobile team of the world’s largest search engine major Google. Expect only quality information and tips that work wonders.

17. Mobile News Online-Leading Mobile Industry Source

Mobile News Online is a UK based mobile app blogs. It provides the leading source of news and views on the industry. With a focus on social quotient of technology applications for mobile, this UK blog site provides a distinct perspective different from the rest.

18. Textually: Entry Point for Tech Weblogs

This is the entry point for 4 weblogs that are oriented towards covering all aspects of cell phones and mobile content. From focusing on text messages to tracking cell phone usage and the sociological as well as psychological impact of technology, this is an unusual blog for users who want to see tech with a different perspective.

19. M-Trends: Mobile Media Worlda

This blog focuses on mobile media lifestyle as well as trends, opinions and ideas about anything mobile. This is the perfect app for those who want to delve deeper into mobile media worlds and communities.

20. Techdirt Wireless: Uncommon Insights

This blog analyses and offers insights into news stories marking change in government policy, legal and technological issues that impact the ability of the company to innovate and grow. This mobile app blog has been a subject of many awards from leading periodicals like Forbes.

21. Enterprise Mobility Forum: Plethora of Data

The Enterprise Mobility Foundation is the organisation associated with the Enterprise Mobility Forum. This foundation was formed in 2010 and it provides users with a plethora of information regarding mobile industry and enterprise mobility. The site also covers strategic networking.

22. 99Designs: A Premier Mobile App Design Site

This is the perfect site for getting creative mobile app designers. Design tips and in depth tutorials can guide you regarding commercial operation as well as creative inspiration.

23. Product Hunt: Promoting the Mobile App

The next step in successfully developing mobile apps is to promote these. Product Hunt can be thought of as a Reddit for amazing products and startups. The best mobile apps launched are reviewed to ensure attention to feedback and traffic.

24. Launching Next: Building Up App Hype

If you want to promote or build up the mobile application prior to the launch, considering the submission of the app for review by Launching Next. Numerous apps are submitted and you have an audience willing to take the plunge and bite the bait.

25. Springwise: For The Groundbreaking Apps

Springwise is associated with only the best apps and you can be sure that this product mobile app launch site is intended to garner support for the product. Large, tech savvy audiences are available for those who are launching the mobile app.

26. The Startup Pitch- Audiences for Trying Out the App

To be featured on The Startup Pitch, you need to be able to sell your app to the mobile app blogs site. It gives you a fair insight into how to sell the app and market it to get the maximum response from potential buyers or users.

27. Netted- Giving Apps Exposure

Netted is not only for consumer focused apps. This mobile app blogs site also has a newsletter which features all the chosen apps and provides them with coverage. It offers a regular newsletter roundup as well so that apps that are comparative in different ways can be vetted through Netted.

28. Startuplist: Building An App Following

This mobile app blog is known for featuring only the latest applications. Along with a short description, links can be included to all social media links and you can even engage in discussions centred on the application.

29. SuS: Startups Using Startups

This is a wonderful site which offers useful apps for startups. As a developer, you can submit apps that have been created as well as used. Startups using Startups offers an impressive list of apps you can get cracking on.

30. Betalist: Great Place to Promote Apps

With close to hundreds of subscribers and a mailing list that is unusual, you can speed the thing along where your app is promoted with great fanfare. Signing up is for free and you can develop and launch apps using this site’s wonderful features.

31. AppStorm: Dedicated to Mobile Platform

This mobile app website covers different sections with different types of mobile platforms and apps can make it to specific platforms. If you want to get app reviews, AppStorm is the perfect site. It personally reviews the applications and sends regular roundup newsletters to ever increasing mailing list.

32. Rate My Startup: App Community

Rate My Startup is unique because your app gets featured in the community and vote on how much they prefer your app. You can also get your app featured and submissions are considered strictly in terms of merit.