Good client support is important for the success of your company. People get emotionally involved when they shop from a store, but poor client support is one of the key reasons why they opt out of one business and go to another business.

There are various tools that can help you build a strong client support program. One pocket friendly way to improve communication with your clients is text messaging service. Some brands hesitate to include text messaging into their client support program, but they miss out on the following benefits.

  • Most popular choice for client support

A number of studies show that a huge portion of clients, 64% would rather use SMS than making a call to communicate client support issues. That percent increases to 77% for people aged between 18-34. By providing a communication tool that people want, you are already able to give your clients a more favorable support experience. This in turn creates a more positive image of your brand. Your text messaging can also serve a two-way communication channel so that your client support executives can have clear conversations with your clients.

  • Easily accessible from anywhere

The best part of text messaging is that clients can communicate irrespective of their geographical location. If they have some type of problem with your services or products or need details about an appointment or transaction, they can do so easily. Most people have their phones with them always. So, whenever they feel like talking to you, they can do so, even if they are not at their home. Moreover, if they have to wait for a response, then they don’t have to keep waiting around the phone or desktop. They can easily keep doing their daily chores without the tension of missing your response.

  • Set up auto responses

With a transactional sms API (text messaging service), setting up auto-responses is very easy to assist your client receive the information they want. However, not all enquiries or other client support problems can be handled like this; answers to FAQs can be sent via auto-response.

  • Relive clients of annoying waiting times

One of the most annoying features of client support is waiting on hold. By using a text messaging service, you can decrease client wait times. Instead of sitting on hold for minutes, your client can SMS and receive a response instantly. Even if it takes your executives some time to be able to contact your client with the details, the consumers are free to do their thing while waiting. This assists decrease client annoyance. If client faces problems but receives great client support, they may be ready to continue to use your services.

  • Clients read SMS

One more reason to include SMS to your client support program is that client actually read texts. SMS have a great 98% open rate and the huge majority of SMS messages are opened with a few minutes. This gives you confidence that your clients are getting your text messages.

Overall, by using bulk text messaging to communicate with your clients, you can enhance your client support program, and improve your business.