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To what extent can you spy on iPhone? Is some sort of technical expertise required for installing and using iPhone spy apps? Is it even possible to keep tabs on someone’s digital communications and activities without the risk of getting caught? What’s the point of using such kind of tools? Questions like these underscore the insecurities of people who are unfamiliar with spying tech and all the advancement it has undergone over the years. To be honest, asking these questions is a very smart move as they lay down a wonderful foundation for learning. Assuming that you’re a stranger to iPhone spy apps with similar questions in your mind, and are here to seek answers and guidance, we’re going to fill you in on all that you need to know so that you can jump on the iPhone spying bandwagon feeling confident. So let’s get the lesson underway, shall we?

Turn to Google for Advice

Google is like that sweet friend of yours who never gets annoyed even if you ask a question as dumb as “where do lost socks go when they go missing?”. The point is, always kickoff your quest for answers with a trip to the number one search engine on the world wide web. It can provide you with information on pretty much everything that you can possibly want to know about iPhone spy apps, e.g. the best brands in the business, standard features, rare features, criteria for judging quality and reliability, pricing details, user reviews, etc. If you’re still feeling a bit lost, here are a few tips on how to go about using Google for your research.

  • Enter the most relevant keywords in Google search bar such as “best iPhone spy apps” to get a list of options;
  • Visit the official website of spy app vendors to get detailed information about available features, installation requirements, etc.;
  • Look up customer reviews and product reviews.

Installation is Simpler Than You Think

While the installation process varies from spy app to spy app, you can rest assured that you won’t be challenged technically while installing one on your iPhone. All you need to do is purchase the app through its official website, open the given URL in a browser on the target iPhone, download and run the file, follow on-screen instructions, and that’s about it. Okay yes, you may need to jailbreak your device in order to install the spy app on it, but there are plenty of guides available online that walk you through the process without overwhelming you with jargon. If you’re not ready to tinker with your iPhone’s firmware, then you have the luxury to go for a digital spying solution that works even on non-jailbroken devices. Just use Google to find one within seconds. The best thing about the second option is that it doesn’t even require you to install anything on the target iPhone. All you require is its Apple ID and password, and you’re set.

Enjoy the Empowerment

By now, you must have learned how to search for a quality iPhone spy app and realized just how easy it is to install it. Now let’s talk about what it is that you can do with these apps. Before doing that, it’s important to take a look at what this nifty tech is capable of doing. Here’s an abridged version of its many capabilities.

  • Track location with and without GPS;
  • Keep tabs on sent and received emails;
  • Log multiple messaging platforms;
  • Save call logs and contact details;
  • Log browsing history;
  • Save photos and videos.

The aforementioned features can prove beneficial in plenty of ways. If you’re an employer, you can use this tech to safeguard your reasonable business concerns. This convers pretty much everything from preventing abuse of digital privileges and mitigating risk of data leakage, to boosting employee productivity and avoiding litigation. If you’re a parent, you can use the spy app to keep your youngsters safe from myriad digital threats. Just keep in mind that using iPhone spy apps in any other situation might be borderline or indisputably illegal, so tread carefully.

Things to Avoid

iPhone spy apps have come a long way in recent years, gaining a host of new abilities and breaking traditional barriers, but inability to completely hide its presence on the target device still remains its Achilles heel. Therefore, getting caught is very much a possibility and can lead to some serious consequences. Listed below are just some of the things that you need to avoid in order to keep yourself out of trouble.

  • Do not use the information collected through these apps to harm or exploit anyone;
  • Avoid installing spy apps on a device that is not under your ownership;
  • Do not keep tabs on anyone’s smartphone without seeking their consent first.

Well then, the lesson is complete and the time for you to graduate is here. Best of luck with finding a great iPhone spy app and having a great experience with it. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility.