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Global Organizations today deal with volumes of data that were unheard of 20 years ago. Having a global footprint means having a multicultural customer base. This translates to varied needs and expectations. To analyse feedback and data gathered by various resources, one needs a platform that can effectively segregate and make sense of the data gathered from all over the world.

Hadoop – The Platform

Hadoop is an open-source programming framework that works on the concepts of JAVA. Processing and storage of large volumes of data is what it was designed to do, and it excels in this. It is a part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. Its components and supporting software can be deployed at the local data collection centres and a central server updates and analyses the collected data according to predetermined parameters. This enables the user to make informed decisions about how to increase their efficiency.

The Big Data and Hadoop Program

This program is spread over 6 days and is designed to inform everything that there is to know about Big Data and Hadoop. One is given examples from various industries such as banking, defence, healthcare, etc., that make the concept easy to understand. The bonus of this program is that one is taught the concepts of Hadoop as well its applications using practical examples. In the Hadoop classes, one is taught the programming of the software and how to use its various components and features to solve related big data analysis. After the completion of this program, the learner becomes a certified Hadoop Professional and receives a highly accredited certificate.

Why Big Data and Hadoop Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a centre of global commerce which is a regional head quarter for many multinational companies. Thus, this is a very apt place to learn Big Data Analysis and Hadoop. People involved in the genre are complete professional and highly experienced in handling Big Data. Their teaching methodology involves interactive classrooms and hands on practical sessions. This enables the participants to be adept at managing most real life situations involving Big Data and Hadoop application, and be confident to venture out to uncharted territory to use the skills learnt during the process.

Bonus Additions

Along with the basic and advanced concepts of big data and hadoop Abu Dhabi, one also learns the various components of hadoop and their respective usage. Concepts and usage of MapReduce, Hive, Pig and various other aspects of Hadoop are taught as a bonus. This greatly enhances the students’ efficiency and working environment.


With the globalization of businesses and expansion of customer base, big data is the current playground for business analysts. For those wishing to make it big on the global scale, understanding Big Data and using Hadoop are the basic requirements. The Big Data and Hadoop program aspires to do just that using interactive sessions and comprehensive materials. With the bonus additions of the various aspects of Hadoop programming, this opportunity to learn is just too good to miss for the global achiever.