We all love to play card games. This is one of the best ways to have some fun time with your friends and families, making card games a perfect source of pure entertainment. Although there are multiple types of card games and most of them are fun to play. But Rummy, which is originated in India, is one of the most entertaining card games that you will ever play. It is a popular and charismatic game and is loved all across the globe. It is usually played between 2-6 players and is played using a standard deck of 52 cards. Besides this, people also prefer to play rummy online with family and friends.

However, the people across different countries have brought in their own variations to the regular rummy game. This is why there are various variants of the game across the world. Here is the list of various variants, how they are different from the original rummy game and how exactly are they played.

1.     The Shanghai Rummy

It is a unique concept which is brought into the game of rummy. As the name suggests, it was originated in the state of Shanghai in China. There are two other popular rummy versions known as contract rummy and gin rummy, and the Shanghai Rummy can be called a hybrid between these two variants of rummy. In the game of Shanghai rummy, each player needs to play at least 10 deals in order to win a match. Also, the players can buy a card even when it is not their turn. To buy a card, they have to discard one of their existing cards and pick another one from the pile. Besides this, if a player has a missing card, then he can replace it using the joker. But the joker can only be used in sets of 3 or 4 cards and can’t be used in larger sets. You can play rummy online with this variant as well.

2.     The Contract Rummy

Contract Rummy is a very exciting variant of rummy. In this, atleast 3 to 8 players are required and a player needs to complete at least 7 deals in order to be determined as the winner. According to the rules of this game, the cards received in all 7 deals will be different. But valid sequences and sets still have to be completed to win the deal. The major difference between other rummy games and this is the point’s calculation. In this, the face cards such as jack, queen and king will give you 10 points whereas the ace and joker will reward you with 15 points.

3.     The Gin Rummy

This is anotheramazing variant of rummy especially when you are looking to play one on one. It is a simple game with some simple rules. All that you are need to do is to score 100 points before your opponent. But the twist is the point scoring is different from the original game. In this, theace card is a low priority card unlike in other variants. It cannot meld with the queen or the king card. On the other hand, you can also discard the unmatched cards. This will reduce the amount of your loss.

4.     Dummy Rummy

This is one of the most entertaining variants of rummy game. It has very different rules as of others. In this, each player is given 13 cards. The joker is the wildcard. It is fixed as two. It means every card with two will be termed as a joker besides the normal joker card. In this, you are needed to get rid of unmatched cards before opposite player. For getting rid of a card, you will need valid sets and sequences available in the game. After a player finishes his set, thepenalty will be awarded to other players on the cards they have. The player who has least points after 12 rounds will win.

The Last Word

So we have seen that there are many variants of the popular rummy game. You can go through these variations and start playing. There is a lot of fun, so don’t wait and call your friends or family members for a match either with cards or online rummy.