You can spend millions on traffic acquisition, but if you won’t optimize your ecommerce website, it will slip through your fingers. In this post, let me share with you the key few points that you need to take a close look at to optimize your ecommerce website. If you conversion rate is low, it’s very probable that problem lies in one of these areas.

  • Check-out abandonment is essential for conversion rate optimization
Did you know that 44% of carts are abandoned because of high costs of shipping, that weren’t shown earlier? What happens in the check-out is essential for your ecommerce conversion rate. Make sure that prices are visibly stated from the beginning. If you make a discount – show not only the discounted price, but also the percentage amount of the discount. Calculate all taxes before the final stage in the checkout.
  • Being trustworthy is essential in optimizing ecommerce website  
Online shoppers look not only for the best prices or favourite brand. Before they share with you their private data and their money they have to trust you. 76,5% of shoppers surveyed said, that if the online store looks trustworthy, it’s an important factor for their purchasing decision. What can you do? Make sure that logos, which improve your security status, display constantly in your site’s header or footer. It can be one of those: VeriSign, TRUSTe, major credit cards logos, major brands that you sell in your online store. This should visibly improve your trustworthiness, and at the same time – the conversion rate of your online store.
There are two key ingredients to delightful UX: intuitive website navigation and screamin-fast page load. What does it mean intuitive website navigation? To be exact: ecommerce navigation must seem logical from the point of view of the customer. Remember, they won’t buy, what they can’t find. Products have to load in logical order. A good idea is to divide them into appropriate categories. Also, make sure that all important information is easily found on each stage of purchasing process. Super-fast website loading is another key issue for delightful UX. According to various studies, you have only 2 seconds to grab people’s attention and with every second more you lose 10% of potential customers. With every second, it’s the ecommerce revenue dripping through your fingers. What can you do about it? First off, check the weight of your pictures. Second, check plugins.
  • eCommerce optimization never stops
These are just a few most important aspects of improving conversion rate in your ecommerce store. Most important, but not all of them. I will tell you a secret: according to the best practices, the optimization of online store should never stop. Need examples? Look above, to the stars: Amazon. Have you ever seen them doing a major redesign? No. Be like Amazon. Optimize your online store constantly.