We all know that Individuals can earn money by being either being an employee or by being an entrepreneur and lookup a bright future. Many of us know about Robert Kiyoski’s book: Rich Dad Poor Dad, if yes then you would be interested to know what it requires to become an Entrepreneur from being an Employee. The growing changes in the economy over the years have led to many companies to downsize and lay off some of the employees. The only person who is unaffected by this is an Entrepreneur or a business owner. Entrepreneur is a person who knows how to manage and organize a business company by taking few financial risks. So if you are working as an employee, you must be going through the thought of becoming an Entrepreneur, who has control of his decisions rather than working under bosses. So if you have decided of becoming an Entrepreneur, you must know what it takes to transition from an Employee to an Entrepreneur? There are many factors to look upon, but let me tell you, the main thing which leaves behind everything is our Mindset. Yes, you need to change your mindset and your thought process in making an independent risk taking decisions.


What stops us from Becoming an Entrepreneur?

If you are looking for a life in which you can take full control of your aims, ideas and destination, the biggest challenge in the making is YOU yourself. Since childhood, we have a perception in our mind to seek directions and follow. We begin our lives by following others footsteps rather than taking our own. This becomes a part of our life. So this creates a logical and obvious mindset which makes it difficult for us to take complete control of our thoughts and decisions. As we grow up, we look for suitable job, a good salary package and start working under others. This is the reason why nowadays, it is easier to find employees and it is hard to find an Entrepreneur. As we begin our lives working under other people, we become hardcore employees, this stringent thought process needs changes. So the first change which we need to do is change our own self. If you change yourself, you change the way life works for you. Here are some of the ways to change your mindset. Housing.com is one of the best example for this where they beats all the difficulties while startups.

Start Making Firm Decisions

 The most difficult thing to start is to make an independent decision. This is difficult because we fear or losing or fear of facing setbacks. The first crucial step to becoming an Entrepreneur is by making a firm decision in your life by putting on blinders and staying focused on your decisions while moving forward. Avoid thinking too much about mistakes and look towards following your ways.

Make a Plan

There is a famous saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is very true in nowadays world. Without proper strategizing and planning, you may end up sinking your ship.

Believe yourself

During the process of becoming an Entrepreneur, you may have to face frequent opposition and mistakes. You must never let yourself down and keep working on your goal by working out extra and putting more efforts into your daily work. Remember, the more hard work you put on your initial stage of becoming an Entrepreneur, the more chances you will be a success.

Keep Testing

We all are not perfect, we must understand that nothing can be changed or produced in one go. Every success story had failures. So keep moving forward and adapt a never give up attitude.

Our mindset will change only if you keep working towards your goals. Once you start following your aims and ambitions, the transition from Employee to Entrepreneur would be lot easier.