The competition for examination in the current generation is at its peak. Every student wishes to excel in their examination so have excellence in their life ahead. Students need to excel in their board examination in order to have a brightening future, as the result of boards help students to get into some of the prestigious colleges in India. Many students dream of getting into a good college to secure their life ahead, and to have social reputation in their society. For all these students need to practice and follows some of the tips in order to excel in their boards.

(i) Proper time scheduling- For students, it is of prime important to prepare well for their boards, which can be easily done with a proper schedule. Students can maintain a genuine time schedule that can be followed easily,  for their studies. One can study various subjects in a cyclic manner, such as Ohm’s lawin physics, differentiation in maths and other altogether, and can finish their studies without boredom of routine study of a single subject for long.

(ii) Practice Daily- Many students burn the midnight oil during the time of examination, as it is difficult to learn all the chapters in a day or two. Rather than this, students can practice daily to have a good hold on the subject. As we know that “Practice makes a man perfect,” so it is exceptionally required for the students to have a regular practice of various topics. This provides ample of time to the students to get familiar with various topics and for advanced learning. Students of class 9th can practice NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Science to have a good knowledge

(iii) Be relaxed and Confident- Many students face failure in the examination even after with a lot of preparation. This can be because of their state of mind, one cannot perform well with an excess of emotion. Thus it is suggested that one needs to be calm and relaxed during the time of examination. Also with the relaxed mind, one can gain confidence and do exceptionally well in their examination.

(v) Take small intermediate breaks frequently- For students, it is required to take small gap from continuous studies. As our mind cannot work effectively for a longer duration, thus it is advised to take intermediate breaks. This also helps to avoid fatigue and refreshes our mind so as to start again with full potential.

Thus one can practice all these steps in order to excel in their examination. Students after their examination of class 10 can practice various questions for 11 standards and get NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Physics to give a head start to their studies.