How many of you are running the latest version of Windows, the Windows 8? If you are, then this article is meant for you. It’s about free virus protection for Windows 8. Talking about the protection from viruses, this is something highly important. If you wish to get top-notch performance from your PC all the time, then you must think about providing protection to it from viruses, spyware. The best way to do is to download the antivirus software. For those who don’t know, antivirus software are meant to keep system protected from viruses and thus malicious files. It also keeps the system clean from spyware. The tasks that a particular antivirus does, depends on what antivirus you use. In case you are looking for free virus protection for Windows 8, and want it to be of top-notch quality, you must read the article ahead. Listing down the best antivirus software available for Windows 8 if you get virus and data loss , you can  use some file recovery software to get it back


Kaspersky has been available for PCs for many years and is counted among the best antivirus software. The incredible set of features, huge user base, positive reviews, etc forced me to give first rank to this app in this list about free virus protection for Windows 8. The most impressive thing I found in the Kaspersky is that despite of providing top-notch protection, this software does not put any load on the PC. This is something quite impressive and unique feature, because most of antivirus result in lowering down the speed of PC. Get Kaspersky Review from here.


In case you did not like the above software to provide free virus protection for Windows 8, and are looking for a better solution, AVG is what you should try out. This software has been available for download for a while, and is among the antivirus with vast user base. Both offline and online protection that AVG provides are commendable. It does not matter from where the virus finds its way to your PC, when you install AVG. that gates welcoming the viruses get closed in no time.


The last in this list about free virus protection for Windows 8 is the Bitdefender. Just check out the reviews of antiviruses done by various PC security experts, you will find this software at the top. When its about free virus protection for Windows 8, the Bitdefender is what I like and prefer. The features that this software provide, are not provided by any other software. To make you aware from the level of protection this software provides, the Bitdefender team offers a free trial version which you can get by heading over to the official website of this esteemed software. By downloading that, you can try out the features for free and can see if this is what is meant for you or not. I’m sure you will like using it.

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