In the present day, technology keeps us bound together with everything going on around us. We as humans are so bound to the advances in technology and the internet that even a day without a computer can cause blunders. It can affect our businesses and even our daily routine. So, how do we get rid of this issue in case your computer breaks down? We, at Housejoy are aimed to provide you with the best computer repair services when such a situation occurs. If you need to get your computer repaired, we offer the best computer repair services at the touch of a button. Gone are the days when the computer had to be carried to a repair station to avail computer repair services. With Housejoy, you can get an engineer to fix your computer at the ease and comfort of your home. We are an aggregator who connects the customers to service providers who provide computer repair services at affordable prices.

We make it our mission to provide our customers with the best computer repair solutions at the comfort of their homes without charging them for excessively. We have a team of highly skilled service providers and engineers with an expertise in all computer repair services and the latest technology to find a solution for every problem. Some common computer repair solutions we take care of include:

  • Faulty hardware such as mouse, keyboard, hard disk etc.
  • Replacement of batteries
  • Windows installation
  • Software repair and installations
  • System security and anti-virus solutions
  • Power issues
  • Internet related problems

Since we provide a third party service provider, we make sure that we have a collected database of the person concerned including a complete background check and any history to keep you safe and secure. This verification proves the credibility of the person appointed. Also, our engineers have been trained and certified to perform various system repair services and carry along with them a worthy experience in the industry. In case the problem recurs within a seven day period, we offer a free repair of the same and cover it under our seven day guarantee.

We value your time and money and hence make sure that all the services which are provided to you match the industry standards and all the inputs are high-quality for the computer repair. Our pricing policy is mentioned on the website where in you have to pay only the upfront cost without any hidden charges and if there is any hardware cost, it can be directly paid to the service provider. This makes the whole payment process easy and transparent.

So, if you have a broken computer which needs to be fixed all you need to do is mention all the details including the problem and its symptoms. We will then fix a time and place to visit and inspect the broken computer for repair services and finally, we will visit and repair the broken device. After the repair is done and you get a detailed invoice of the same, you pay!