A car always have to drive, it is the rumor now a days google company innovate their wonder car that runs without any driver. Google brings the big change in car world by innovate this wonderful robotic car.

It runs absolutely without any driver but you can also drive manually. This high tech car has voice recognition you can give commands by voice interface. It has an inbuilt GPS system that allow you to set the auto drive destination. Google tied up with many car companies for innovate the robotic car technologies in their car. Such as Audi, Toyota are most popular. This car detects obstacles in its way and avoid this, this is the basic technology of this car.

It has two type one is big petrol car and another one is small and cute electric. Petrol car has much capability of passengers it can carry6 people approx. like others. And the electric car is only for two passenger and it has no manual driving process. Electric car has only two switch to start and stop the car and the user interface like another one. The cars are decorated by sonar device, stereo cameras, laser and radar for its self-drive process. This high tech components make this car safe and secure for your ride.

But there are also some problems with this car, many times it has crashed or make accident during the test period. After solving that problems it runs great but the news about google car accident is not decrease. The main problem is to identify how the accident happened, with self-driven mode or in manual driven mode. So we cannot blame the technology of google but it is also seen that the accidents are happened in google car are maximum in number than general cars.