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For an eLearning success, it’s essential to have good audio. However, you can be the best tutor or designer, but you have to create an engaging course. It will fall apart in case the quality of audio in your class is not perfect.

Sometimes, it might be sensible when you pay for a professional narrator. It’s the best option when you have money. Moreover, there is a free MP3 recorder for YouTube, and it’s a viable solution. It’s vital with a limited budget.

Here are the various critical tips you can consider when you want to record high-quality audio:

Purchase a Good Quality Microphone

If you have to use a microphone, invest in something better. When it comes to using a microphone, you can typically expect what you have paid. However, it doesn’t mean that you can‘t make good audio without having an expensive microphone. The inexpensive also work fine as long as you will follow the instructions.

If you want to purchase a microphone, the best bet is to take the unidirectional mic. It’s a microphone that will record sound from one direction. It’s, therefore, the best in recording narration because its role is only to pick the narrator’s sound. Besides, be sure you won’t get more ambient noise. The quality of the audio is excellent and therefore worth the cost.

Dampening the Sound

When you check at most studios, they have walls that have a design of absorbing the sound waves. You can also make something similar to make you have a quality and clear recording. For example, you can opt to build a portable studio using curtains and PVC pipe frame. It’s easy to assemble the structures and hang your curtains.

Avoiding Ambient Noise as Much as Possible

So that you can have a clear recording and of high quality, you must avoid the noise. Even though there will be no time when you can have a complete silence but to increase on concentration, you can pipe in the “white noise” to reduce distractions from the conversations surrounding you. What you try to aim is to get rid of surrounding noise that you must control over.

If you are recording while in the office, you can unplug some of the office machines such as air conditioners and fans. Moreover, you can tell everyone to stay quiet, place the microphone away from the computer or consider the Hume technique.

Maintaining a Consistent Environment

You need to have a consistent environment to use while recording your audio. Currently, a studio is the ideal world that you can install and make it a crucial place of controlling the sound.

On the other hand, having a studio will also make you creative when you are recording. It’s essential to know that the more you can control your recording environment, it’s the more you create a quality audio recording. However, the main aim is to maintain the consistency routine.

So, when you maintain a consistent environment and necessary procedures, you can match your audio quality perfectly. However, the best option is to try and use the same room while maintaining the same settings on the microphone and computer set up. In case you have a desktop microphone, you can, therefore, use a microphone stand. Moreover, you have to know the recording distance because it will be essential for your next set up.