The wonderful thing about Libraries is that they are dynamic; they can be changed/personalized by the user. Like many people I download numerous games and programs from the internet (using a trusted source and scanning with a good anti-virus program of course). I want these programs readily available in my Libraries and Microsoft has made that process fairly easy. Here is a very basic tutorial on how to accomplish that.

How to add Downloads under Libraries
This is our goal …


Start by Right-clicking on the Libraries folder and selecting New > Library (or simply highlight Libraries and then hit the New Library button on the bar above).

AddDnld02.jpg ​

This will create an New Library Folder.

AddDnld03.jpg ​

Name the Library Downloads. Notice that it is currently empty.

AddDnld04.jpg ​

Click on Include a Folder and a selection window will open. Highlight the Downloads folder under your userid and hit Include folder.

AddDnld05.jpg ​

If you do not share files with other users you can stop here.

Next is to add the Shared/Public Downloads folder.

Right-click on the new Downloads Library Folder you created and choose Properties.

AddDnld06.jpg ​

This brings up the Downloads Properties window and here you select Include a folder which opens the selection window. In the address bar type inC:UsersPublicDownloads.

AddDnld07.jpg ​

Hit enter and it should point you to the Public Downloads folder. Hit the Include folder button.

AddDnld08.jpg ​

Your Downloads Properties should now contain your Personal Downloads folder and the Public Downloads folder.

AddDnld09.jpg ​

And you should now have Downloads included in Libraries as we had set out to do.