Meteor is a game-changing framework for rapid software development. By using JS on the front and backend, meteor allows you to build faster.

What is Meteor?

Meteor is a full stack JavaScript (JS) framework, made up of a collection of libraries and packages, bound together. Meteor helps you to build apps that are delight to use, faster than you ever thought possible.

Meteor has been built on concepts from other frameworks and libraries in a way that makes it easy to prototype applications. Essentially, it makes web development easier. It’s flexible and requires less code, so in turn less bugs and higher quality and more stable end result.

What Makes Meteor Unique

  1. Idea to Market in 4 weeks.

    When using Meteor, launching a MVP in 3-4 weeks can be a reality. With JavaScript on the front-end and back-end, plus smart packages, Meteor allows you to develop faster. This makes it a go-to for startups and others trying to get a product out the door quickly. Although it’s hard to find Meteor Experts who help you with development.

  2. Mobile & Web application as a package
    Build reactive apps for iOS, Android, and the web, entirely in JavaScript, with an open source platform. Meteor makes it simple to turn your web app into a smartphone app with Cordova. It has a set of APIs that allow you to access native device functions, like the camera, with JavaScript. And the best part is that Meteor comes out of the box with Cordova.
  3. DDP
    DDP is like ‘REST for websockets’: a simple protocol for fetching structured data from a server and receiving live updates when data changes. With DDP, one can easily separate out and build a new system that just has to adhere to the API for DDP to work with a Meteor app. This means that when the time comes, it easier to swap out node for other backend.
  4. Meteor is the future
    Meteor is still in its early days. But it is constantly evolving and being improved. However, a few things are certain:
  • Meteor is fast and easy to implement—Less code and rapid development makes it fun to build with
  • Real-time applications are the present and future—Meteor makes it easy to build real-time apps on desktop and mobile devices
  • Meteor has an amazing community—Top ten starred repositories on Github, with in-person Meetups in 217 cities worldwide and counting

As meteor is becoming more matured, many ruby on rails development companies are switching towards Meteor as core technology.