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Microsoft is adding a new application to its Office suite soon known as Sway. It is designed to allow users to easily aggregate and organize web and Office content into tidy multimedia presentations. The company will be making a preview build of the app available today for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. According to reports, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone versions are also coming down the pipeline shortly.

Users can essentially pull in videos, images and other content from the web, Office apps and other sources to create both linear and non-linear presentations. As you likely imagined, there are a number of layouts to choose from as well as a Remix button (Remix is also the app’s internal code name) that will allow you to audition different templates on the fly.

Microsoft sees Sway as a way for users to organize and share finished ideas even with those who do not have Sway installed. Known as a Sway, a finished presentation made in the app can be shared with anyone via browser links and social media integration. It would seem that it is more of a consumer facing product at this point, as some of Microsoft’s business related apps are yet to be supported like OneDrive for Business.

You can check out more in the Sway ad below and head over to the official site to request an invite.

[ Source :- Techspot ]