Rummy is undoubtedly the popular card game across the world and Classic Indian rummy especially, has hit the right cord with people of all age groups. Its popularity is so vast, that rummy is a must-to-play game during any social or casual get-togethers. The growing numbers are proof enough to exhibit the craze for the rummy game.
But, is this craze really genuine or is it just a passing fad?
Let’s take a look. Perhaps, there is more substance to this craze than just what meets the eye.
Fact #1: Rummy is all about mental skills
One of the pre-requisites to attain mastery over rummy is you’ve got to have decent mathematical skills, good reasoning ability and a great memory. Of course, these could be improved over regular practice of the game also.
But, essentially the driving point here is rummy puts your mental skills to infinite tests. Each game is not the same as the previous one. What you assumed to be a perfect strategy may prove futile in the next game. Thus, people are intrigued and fascinated by rummy game, which though is easy to learn, requires great effort and practice to gain mastery over it.
Fact #2: Easy access to online games
Yet another factor fueling the growth of online games like rummy is the increase in number of PCs, smartphones and handheld devices. Today, India has the second largest mobile phone user base in the world next to China.
Especially with the smartphones becoming easily available and with better data plans, online games perceived as entertainment are easily accessible. With free download rummy games available it’s just a tap away! The growing culture of mobile phones dependency in people’s lives is further influencing the growth of online games too. Perhaps, rummy apk is very necessary and it helps to download mobile rummy games.
Fact #3: Rummy is legal to play
Owing to the verdict of the Supreme Court of India which has identified rummy as a game of skills and declared it absolutely legal to play, rummy has emerged free and bold from the shadows of obscurity and demean. This order has brought in a welcome respite to all the rummy players.
Today, several online rummy websites registered with government authorities and possessing relevant licenses are offering online rummy games with never-before game features and services to their users. This is the dawn of a new change, where rummy is ought to become a mainstream entertainment like television or cinema.
Fact #4: Interesting promotions
As every industry swears by its promotions that help surge its sales, online rummy industry is no behind. The lucrative hourly, daily, weekly and special promotions along with welcome bonuses and loads of cash prizes and rewards are pumping in great excitement into the game.
Players can play free games or cash rummy games, and also choose the Indian rummy variants such as Points, Pool or Deals as well. Indeed very thoughtful!
A craze that’s sure to stay
Online rummy games have catapulted offline rummy to the big league. Though offline rummy is still played during get-togethers and gatherings, online rummy games are the future.