EaseUSParition Master Free version happens to be the freeware version of the very same software, which is basically a partition manager. Anything you have to with your hard drive like setting it up from the scratch, partitioning it, formatting it, changing the size of partitions, changing the partition tables, using unallocated spaces etc. – everything is within EaseUS Partition Master’s forte. The company EaseUS has been around since 2004 and took part in various software developments, Partition Master is one of the most successful projects this company has ever taken. And just to let you know, Partition Master is a registered trademark of Symantec Corporation that makes Norton Antiviruses. You can bestow your trust on a this software because there are big names concerned with it, and it is actually good at the job it does.


Resize NTFS Partition without Losing Data

First time hard drive partitioning could be wrong going estimation. Maybe you would not be able to assume how much space you are going to need in each drive and thus end up in more spaces in D where you actually needed the bigger share in C. That’s one of many cases where you might need to resize NTFS partition.

When the job is given to EaseUS Partition Master, it’s done at the safest and most secured way. The operation is easier, your data is safe and will not be deleted during the process unless something remarkable mistake take place. Since to err is human, you should keep a backup of your data before you proceed.

The resizing could be done with Windows default partition manager as well, but the limitation they put up is just too many. NTFS resizing is doable using the freeware version of EaseUS Partition Master as well.

To resize an NTFS partition – open EaseUS Partition Master,select the drive you want to resize and just click Resize/Move Partition. Follow the simple steps followed by and you are done. Easiest hard drive resizing ever!

Merge Two Partitions

To make a bigger drive by merging two adjacent drives together, you might want to use  merge partitions freeware since the default Windows tool is kind of clogged up in restrictions. As before, make sure you have backed up all your data in case something goes miserably wrong.

After opening EaseUS Partition Master, you would have the graphical representation of hard drives present in your computer, their partitions and their space management. Find the partition you want to enlarge and select it. From the left pane column, find Merge Partition. The same button could also be found inside the Partitions menu on the top row.

A dialogue box would follow asking you to choose the main partition; this would determine the drive letter as well. However, there must not be any unallocated space between these two disk drives and they have to be neighboring.

Apply the changes after you are done setting every parameter.


For anything hard drive based, EaseUS Partition Master has to be your ultimate pal. The above mentioned tasks are supported under EaseUS Partition Master Free without requiring you to purchase a paid version.