Movie collection is an amazing hobby and requires a lot of time and money to get going. Sadly, not everyone is wealthy enough to continue the hobby. Other instances such as renting DVDs from movie rental shop and returning them only to find out later the urge of watching the same movie can be a devastating one. Also, investing the money on the same movie is not a smart move.

The whole scenario boils down to storing movies onto your computer or portable hard disk. There are chances that you might be converting the movie for half-a-day. And, this is quite common with most of the DVD converter out there in the market. Ever wish that you could quickly convert the movie and start watching it on your personalized movie theater or grab it and store it into your portable device such that you can rush to your friend’s house and watch it on big screen setup. Whatever may be the reason, no one wants to wait for the conversion to complete. I still remember converting a movie at night so that it gets completed in the morning.

None of this bad experience will haunt you! As TDMore DVD Converter is capable of converting the whole DVD in just 10 min. don’t believe? Let’s figure it out youself. TDMore Software are really worth using.

The processing speed of the software is so amazing that it can churn down the whole DVD in just 10 minutes. And to topple that, the resultant conversion has high audio and video quality. This means if you have 5 DVD’s in hand, the whole conversion can be done within one hour keeping quality intact.

So, what we are waiting for? Let’s move through the magic of TDMore DVD converter converting DVDs in just 10 min. The steps are easy-to-follow and the conversion takes very little time with maximum output quality. The steps are shown below:

Pre-requisite: Before starting, make sure that you have a DVD loaded into the DVD drive. Also make sure that TDMore DVD Converter is installed in the machine.

  1. The first step includes loading up the source DVD and starting up TDMore DVD Converter. This can be achieved by double-clicking on the software icon on the desktop and following the on-screen markers to load the source DVD. You can also use TDMore DVD Copy to make an ISO and then try this software.


  1. After loading of the source DVD, the next step includes configuring output video file settings. This can be done by moving to the top right corner of the settings interface. You can choose both the video formats and the device you want to convert to. Furthermore, you can configure other features such as output tiles, subtitles, and output quality. After all this, choose the output directory.


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  1. Start the conversion by simply clicking the start button. The conversion will take 10 min or less, keeping you mesmerized for the first time it happens.



Well, this completes our short and sweet tutorial on converting your DVD in just 10 min or less. Enjoy!