The Trending Need for AVI File Format

An AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a picture file comprising sound and motion. These files support the versatile needs of the other media players. It supports multiple streaming of audio and video, even though they are rarely used. Supported by Microsoft, these files allow synchronous audio and video playback.

Need to Switch To AVI File, No Hassles!

AVI is an audio- video file format which is supported by varied media players. In the recent times, people have always been on the prowl to convert WMV to AVI and How to Convert MPEG to MP4 file format. Knowing the fact that WMV format has become a rarity and you will have to opt for the wise choice of converting it to AVI format.

Understanding AVI

AVI is a renowned file format, widely used to access the standard definition of audio and video on the PC. It uses several combinations of codec’s. These codec decodes the abbreviated data onto an audio or video. Much as of the fact that WMV is restricted to certain media players, AVI does its work, by supporting all the other media players. Hence, AVI is a more preferred option and that is clearly the reason for conversion of WMV files into AVI file format.

3 Major Reasons to Convert WMV to AVI File Format.

  • WMV (Windows Media Video) has been into continuous usage, but far from reality, it is important to have AVI format. As it is simple to access and user friendly.
  • AVI files comprehend and supports the versatile need of the various other media players which we use quite often.
  • When you convert WMV to AVI format it leads to the smooth streaming of video files that are in less-common WMV format.

Why Choose Movavi Convertor?

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