Screen Capture also called as screen shot is nothing but a snap shot of your computer screen. One can screen capture entirely what is there on the screen or any particular part of the screen that he wants to capture.  The captured screen is stored in the memory of the computer and can be viewed any time. Now this screen capture can be done for videos also. This process is more specifically called as screencast or video screen capture. In this process the computer screen output is digitally recorded along with the audio. When you capture the screen, you can later watch it like a movie. Now this screen capturing can be done by the help of screen capture softwares that are available. One of the best screen capture software is Movavi Screen Capture Software.

What Is Special About Movavi Screen Capture Software?


All that you need to capture your screen is a video capture software and a microphone. The software must be a web based service or a desktop client captures the screen and merges the audio and video elements and compresses the movie into the suitable format. This is what the Movavi screen capture software does. The software is capable of saving video from webcam, Skype calls, online streaming video and also from various other applications. This screen capture software is quite user friendly and it is very easy to handle and use. You can even use the built in video editor in our software to edit your videos with the filters and various other special effects of your choice.

The whole procedure of screen cast can be done by fur simple steps in Movavi Screen Capture Software. The four steps are you have to first set the parameters for capturing, next you have to seize screen video which is followed by the editing if it is required and finally you have to save the video on the required and suitable format.  Our Screen Capture software allows you to save your video clips in MOV, MP4, AVI and other famous formats. Screen casting and screen capturing is a very important and useful tool in today’s world. It helps you to be more productive. In case you need to answer the same question many times in a day. You can record the screencast and share it. Screencasting also aids a great deal in future references. Are You in need of good screen capture and screencast software? Then the best software you have to land up and download is the Movavi Screen Capture Software.