It is very easy to use. Apart from converting, has the feature to edit videos. Has a wide range of audio and video formats.


It takes some time for the user to master all the features of the software.


Its fast conversion time, high-quality output and the editing features make this software stand apart from all the other software available in the market.

Detailed Review

When it comes to video editing, the Wondershare Video Converter proves to be quite the user-friendly software. The low price and its user-friendly interface make it stand apart from its counterparts.

Apart from converting videos to excellent quality, it has some well-built tools which can be used for editing and create effects in videos.

The quality content remains the same even after conversion. And its user-friendly interface makes it easy and super fun to use.

Another great feature of this software is that it is compatible with the audio and video footage from Android, Windows, and Apple supporting phones.

Along with that, it accepts a wide range of other formats of audio and video from HDV, DSLR, and other cameras.

Conversion of files

The main agenda of Wondershare Video Converter is to convert videos from MOV to MP4, which it does quite effectively.

The software is pre-loaded with varieties of formats to which one can easily covert the desired video.

Wide range of formats

The Wondershare Video Converter can convert audio as well as video to a wide range of formats. The software has more than 160 formats and they are totally free of cost.

Moreover the software keeps up with the latest updates and technological advancements and hence gets updated from time to time.

Along with conversion, the software retains the quality of both the audio and video and does not lead to loss of its quality.

The software works with a wide range of formats such as HD, 3D, 4K, online video formats and as well as other standard video formats.

Super speed

Most of the available video converters deal with the problem of taking huge time while rendering the video and then converting it.

Wondershare Video Converter solves this time issue as it has a unmatchable conversion speed and is almost 30 times faster than its other counterparts.

This means that if a normal converting software takes 60-65 minutes in converting a video, the Wondershare Video Converter takes only 5 minutes, which is way too speedy.

And this has all been a reality because of the presence of APEXTRANS technology feature.

User friendly

The Wondershare Video Converter has a clean interface and it is very user-friendly. The design of the software is quite simple and classic and very much soothing to the eye.

Everything is available in one window and one does not have to go through searching options from one window to the other.

Though it is quite handy to the user, it takes a bit of a practice for the user to master all the features of the software.

Additional features

Though the main function of the Wondershare Video Converter is to convert audio and video files, it has some other features too.

The software has some basic set of tools which allows the user to edit the video and enhance the quality of it.

Along with it the user can customize the video according to his need. Features like crop, cut and paste, merge, intensity, brightness, contrast can all be done using this software.

The Smart Online Video Downloader feature allows the user to download video from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion and other such platforms.

Through the software the videos can be downloaded to desktop or laptop and later can be converted and watched on a music player, phone or television as well.

The presence of a specialized Integrated DVD Toolkit allows the user to burn the videos in a DVD and allows the user to create backups.

Another unique feature of the Wondershare Video Converter is its ability to transfer videos wirelessly. The software allows the user to transfer a video file from the computer to a mobile device over a Wi-Fi connection.

Not only mobiles, the Wondershare Video Converter has the ability to connect to a compatible television, set-top box or gaming system and wirelessly stream videos without the hassle of the manual transfer.


The Wondershare Video Converter is quite cheap when compared to other likewise products and comes at a price of $39.95 only.

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