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Rummy is the most popular online card game that was first launched on the web in the year 1998. Earlier it was associated with betting, but soon after it was made clear that the rummy card game is the game of skills. This helped it in gaining legality in most parts of the world. Rummy is played in different forms in different countries. The Indian rummy card game is one of the popular rummy variants that are not only played in India but other parts of the world too. is the oldest rummy playing websites in India that has gained millions of users over the time.

Ace2Three has made every possible effort to be at the top always. It has now brought up an interesting rummy commercial that will make you laugh at the end. But this commercial could only be understood by a rummy enthusiast. Watch it now and try to find out what the man is doing with the jewelry.

The video depicts a man entering a jewelry store with his family. The salesperson greets them and showcases the jewelry. While the man’s wife and daughter get busy in selecting the ideal jewelry, the man starts arranging the rings & earrings kept on the jewelry tray. Suddenly, the man asks for a diamond. The salesman who was actively watching what the man was doing snatches the diamond shaped earring from the hands of man’s daughter and give it to him. The man finally completes the rummy card sequence and had the last laugh. Only a true rummy enthusiast can connect to what the man was doing.

Benefits of Playing Rummy at

Playing the game of rummy online is totally legal in India. Ace2Three is one of the leading rummy playing websites in India that has over 8 million users associated with it. Some of the greatest benefits of playing rummy at are listed below. You must check them out before starting your rummy career here.

Tons of Opportunities

The traditional way to play rummy card game has moved online. It has made playing the rummy game more flexible. People can now enjoy playing this game anytime from just anywhere with players all across the nation. Isn’t it fantastic? You get a chance to play with the players all over the country.

Many Options are provided to the Player

Ace2Three not only offers the Indian variant of the rummy game, but other rummy variants can also be thoroughly enjoyed by the players. It offers – Deals Rummy, Pool Games, Points Rummy, Private Table, and Multi-Table tourneys. You can learn more about each of its variant from the tutorials and knowledge base. Moreover, you can also learn how to play each of its variants skillfully.

Acquire New Skills

Each player is equipped with different skills and game plan. As you start playing with different players from the country, you can get a chance to learn the skills of each player you are playing with. This will help you out to improve your rummy playing skills and implement the rummy rules in your daily life in a better way.

An Exclusive Range of Rewards

A player is offered different rewards while playing the game. Ace2Three also conducts various special rummy tournaments where a player can participate and can win the cash rewards. Not only this, a new player also gets joining bonus and special discount on buying the real chips.

Relax your Mind

Playing rummy online will further help you out in getting over the boredom in your life. You can get away from the hectic schedule of your life and enjoy playing this 13-cards rummy game with different players. You can relax and exercise your mind during the gameplay to have a pleasing experience.

Improves Brain Power

Rummy is the game of skills. It helps a player in improving the concentration power, memory, decision making, reading hands, and multi-tasking skills. A player can exercise his mind while playing the rummy game and rejuvenate his mood.

The Last Words

Ace2Three has given a new definition to the online rummy games. It offers a number of other rummy variants to the players apart from the Indian game of rummy. Being oldest rummy playing website in India, it has more 8 million players associated with it. You can join this website now and start playing rummy online.

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