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You occasionally frequent cannabis news sites, you’re up to date on all the to-die-for strains, you’re familiar with the history of why it’s illegal, and most importantly you’re totally head over heels in love with your joints, blunts, your fancy water pipe, or maybe your triple percolator bong hand blown in switzerland. As you browse the news you see a ton of convincing evidence for the health benefits of vaporizing marijuana rather than combusting it and inhaling all sort of carcinogens. You might have even tried vaping a time or two and found that it just doesn’t do the trick to get your head where you want it to be, and you tell yourself there’s just no way you could give up smoking and replace it with vaping, even if you’re totally aware of how much your lungs would appreciate the kind gesture.

Honestly, a cheap vaporizer of about 50-60$ could make all the difference. Especially if you’re just interested in getting high but taking small steps to improve your health, you’ll find that a lot of cheap vaporizer models can get that job done fantastically without sweating the details like temperature control and insane battery life. Try to reflect on all the times you’ve got to roll a quick joint in secret then go outside in the potentially shitty weather and struggle to keep that joint lit just to get a little stoned for the movie you’re about to watch or something.

Think of every situation similar to that, and imagine the simple ease of vaping instead. Sure, the high is different, but if you’re a bit patient you’ll see that it can and will get you where you want to be, it just takes a bit longer to kick in. If you can replace 25% of the smoke you inhale in a day to vapor, that’s still a great positive first step that might pay off in the form of reduced coughing and phlegm buildup. And if you’re at a point in your life where you still have to hide this part of your life from mom and dad, well, from personal experience I can tell you that most parents aren’t too familiar with the smell of vaped kush, just saying.