Easy Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Back to School

Read our tips below to get started! As teachers, many of us spend the first two to three weeks of the summer holiday preparing for our return to school so that we are organised, set up and ready for the year ahead. To help get organised, I’ve put together my top three tips to help you be classroom-ready upon your ... Read More »

Remote School Meltdowns? Research Gives Window Into Student Well-Being During the Pandemic

There’s a picture that went viral early in the pandemic that became a symbol of how hard emergency remote schooling was for the youngest students. The image showed a 5-year-old student sitting at a small desk in his family’s kitchen, facing a laptop computer. He’s holding a pencil in one hand, pulling up the neck of his T-shirt with his other ... Read More »

Smith College Replaces Student Loans With Grants, Making Access and Equity a Priority

Last week marked one of the most moving moments of my higher education career. With the enthusiastic support of our board of trustees, Smith College announced the elimination of loans from our financial aid packages. Beginning in fall 2022, Smith will replace federal loans with institutional grants for all current and future undergraduates. As a first-generation college student, I could not be ... Read More »

5 Educational Blogs Every Student Has to Follow

Education is extremely important nowadays. We live in a world where educated and skilled individuals have better conditions and more successful lives. The job marketplace is also focused on hiring millennials that have knowledge in specific fields. If you choose to educate yourself while you’re still in college, you’ll improve your chances of reaching your long-term goals. The value that ... Read More »

School Infrastructure Development Sees No Progress In Andhra Pradesh

On August 16 last year, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the second phase of his ambitious flagship programme ‘Mana Badi: Nadu-Nedu’ (our school, then and now) to refurbish over 16,368 state-run schools in Andhra Pradesh at a cost of Rs 4,535 crore. Five months since, the programme is still stuck at the starting point as the School ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best CBSE School For Your Child?

Getting an education in a top school is very important for your child’s holistic development. But with so many options parents do get overwhelmed sometimes. From the right kind of curriculum board to the best environment, there are many factors that you as a parent have to keep in mind. CBSE board affiliated schools have some of the best factors ... Read More »

Parents: Help your kids discover the joy of maths in the outside world

Explorations outside of school can connect children with maths in new and varied ways, which aren’t always practical inside school buildings. In a previous blog post, I shared 3 easy things that families can do at home to engage in meaningful and fun mathematical play and talk. Here are 3 more games and activities to help children get curious about mathematics ... Read More »

9 Best Jobs for People Who Love Travel

IfI believed in the afterlife (you’ll see why I don’t at the end of this sentence), then I’d be sure that I’m going to hell. The demon greeting me on the River Styx, who will look like the blown glass demon I kept in my childhood bedroom, will hold a long list of my sins, possibly including the fact that ... Read More »

Setting goals for the New Year with children

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to show students the importance of goal setting and self-discipline. Here are some practical ways to help kids make and achieve goals for the upcoming year! Explain the value of goals Start by defining what goals are and why they’re important. Give students examples of past goals you have set for yourself, show ... Read More »

What Is Engaged Scholarship and How Can It Improve Your Research?

Community-engaged scholarship is increasingly viewed as a valuable strategy for strengthening the quality and impact of academic research. This approach involves partnering with relevant groups or communities—those who are the focus of a research study or who may be directly affected by its findings—over the course of a research project. It represents a departure from the traditional top-down, ivory tower ... Read More »


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