“Fashion Changes Daily”, this statement is wisely true looking at the changing face of the industry. India has evolved dramatically over a period of time, this evolution has also been witnessed in Indian fashion. Be it in the glamour industry, wedding or even in daily wear, fashion has become an important portion of the lifestyle. With so many cultures attached to our fashion sensibilities, Indian wear has become rich and contemporary.

The two major reasons why the Indian fashion industry is changing:

  • Immensity and Richness in Indian culture
  • Increase in the number of affluent Indians

The change and love for the fashion taste has also pitched aspirants to take up fashion designing courses. Students are taking up Fashion Designing  Courses in UP and other state colleges to understand the basics and learn new skills to bring creative changes in the industry.

Changing Scenario of Modern Bride:

The fashion has gripped Indian wedding entirely into its arm. Gone are the days, when the bride and the groom had to wear some of traditional dress. But time and fashion has changed theatrically. Bride and groom look for outfits having branded fashion label over it which certainly lifts the event high. There is a slight shift over in the business of the country’s bridal market. Moreover, a gradual shift from simple to extravaganza wedding has refined the fashion world. From heavy, diamond studded and embroidered outfit, it has now moved to Floor Length Anarkalis, Long Cholis and Straight Suits.

In India, the dressing style is more inclined towards cosmopolitan way rather than region specific. However, with the globalization taking place, the fashion industry is witnessing a major transformation and has been influenced by western outfits. India has produced some affluent fashion designers who come up with a range of ethnic and chic fashion style that makes people spend thousands to buy.

Helping Hand from Textile Industry:

Students undergoing graduation or Ph.D courses in fashion will find that how textile and clothing sector has closely helped the fashion industry in growing. The Indian textile industry is estimated around 108 billion dollars, which is expected to grow to 223 billion dollars by 2021. Fashion brands like Zara, Armani, Forever 21 and other have built a strong base in India, offering better job opportunities for aspiring fashion designers.

 Indian brands like Arvind group, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Raymond Apparel, Trent Retail and others have proved their excellence by running their own labels and expanding their reach to a wider audience.

The E-Commerce Role:

With the advent of e-commerce, one can grab outfits of their favorite designers under the lowest price. From designer sarees to trendy looking sherwani, e-commerce offer a handy solution for buyers to buy designer outfits. Moreover, aspiring designers are using e-commerce sites to promote and sale their work. Students completing their graduation in fashion designing can work on creative outfits and sell it on e-commerce website. This not only helps them to promote their work, but also work in the challenging atmosphere of changing fashion world.

Embracing Culture:

Reputed fashion design college in UP or any other state, give a clear picture how the world is embracing Indian fashion and craftmanshion. Even fashion designers from US and UK are following trending and evolving fashion statements showcased by Indian designers.

For aspiring students, seeking a fashion designing course from reputed institute will certainly prove beneficial because they get to learn about the trending nature of Indian fashion.